Yes, we take the security and privacy of your information seriously. The ReallyTrusted App employs robust security measures to protect your sensitive data.

The clients' information is securely stored on our servers located throughout Canada. All personal client information is stored on a separate server from the App itself (this was a deliberate design feature so that only those with the appropriate access rights would have permission to see this data - available through their Admin portal) The client details collected from barcode scanning (both in-person and remote) are saved on our servers and are accessible to the agent and their brokerage for Federal Government audit purposes (5 years) - the data is not stored directly on the agent's phone or computer and is, therefore, not susceptible to direct attacks/compromise on their personal devices.

The data provided for ID records is saved (except for remote FINTRAC photos, which are no longer available after 30 days) so that agents may create new records without having to re-scan a client's ID repeatedly for multiple transactions and perform Ongoing Business Relationship Monitoring over a 5 year period.

Here are some links regarding ReallyTrusted's Data Security and Privacy Policy. These policies are available on the bottom of every page on our browser application

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Privacy Policy: