There is a little known feature within Matrix™ that allows members to embed listings directly within their website, including "Search", "My Listings", "My Office Listings" or "Map Search"

This feature has historically been poorly supported by the software vendor and as such the SRA (and its predecessors) have not promoted it's existence and for a period had hidden this functionality altogether do to the vendors failure to address known bugs with select browsers.

We have enable this feature once again - it is use at your own risk. Support is limited to what is contained within these knowledge base, solutions articles.

Known issues:

  • Largely untested and unsupported - Users must be willing to trial and error on their own. Basic knowledge of HTML, especially iframe elements highly recommended
  • Simple Search forms subject to change without notice.
  • iFrame "Height" 
    • The embedding of these listings is through the use of an <iframe> code snippet, while the code snippet generated within Matrix™ states a width of 100% and a height of 100% at the time of loading the height of the content which is dynamic is not actually known as it hasn't been determined and will change as you submit searches etc. so the result is an embedded window in your site that is full width of your page but only 100-200 pixels in height leaving you with an unusable embedded search.
    • There are 2 workarounds to this issue.
      • The first is to extract the URL from the iFrame code and link directly to it (ideally with target _blank so it opens in a new tab and keeps them also on your site), this means your sites branding and navigation will not be on the page that only contains the search and results. If your site allows - try this as a modal pop-up window.
      • The second is to edit the code snippet and change the height value to a set value rather than a percentage, you will want to play with this and find what you like, a suggestion would be a minimum of 900px or more.
      • example (change highlighted with bold text): 
        • Matrix™ Generated code: <iframe src="yourspecificurlwillbehere" width="100%" height="100%" frameborder="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0"></iframe>
        • revised code: <iframe src="yourspecificurlwillbehere" width="100%" height="900px" frameborder="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0"></iframe>
  • iPhone browsers:
    • While it appears to have resolved with updates to how iPhone web browsers handled the embedded iframe code at one point in time the embedded listings would lock the users phone up in a refresh cycle that would require rebooting the phone to get out of.
    • during this period the vendor indicated they were not putting resources into this feature of the Matrix™ product
    • While resolved it's important to be aware of this as should there be a reoccurance we want your expectations to be realistic that it will likely not be fixed in a timely manner.

How to use:

  • Login to Matrix™ 
  • In the drop down menu under the link that says "Hello YourName" click "Settings"
  • Click the IDX Configuration icon
    • select "Create a new IDX Page" or if editing an existing embed select its name
    • if creating a new embed put a Name in the "Name" field
    • Choose the type of Listing embed
      • Search - text based search form (not responsive) that returns list of matching properties
        • choose display layout
      • My Listings - allows you to choose between "My Active" and "Your Office Active"
        • Choose display layout
      • Map Search - presents a map view with overlay filter form with results plotted on map with thumbnail listings on the right of the map (below on narrow browsers such as mobile or tablets)
        • Choose search filter form
        • If using Map Search choose if you want to specify an area or view or not
    • Check IDX Enabled - if no longer using this embed set the value to IDX Disabled
    • Copy the code from the "HTML" Field and place in your website - refer to known issues above as you begin testing.
    • Enable "Use Sign Up" if you would like to provide users the ability to Sign up with you. This results in a "Contact Requests" on your dashboard