If you are seeing "Measurements not available" for your room dimensions on REALTOR.ca even though they are displaying on Matrix, it is most likely due to how REALTOR.ca interprets the values sent to it. In some situations, you may even see that some of your room measurements show up while others do not, as seen in the example below:

Specifically, this situation arises when using the decimal places of your measurement to represent a fraction of a foot. When a dimension with a decimal is sent to REALTOR.ca, the number to the left of the decimal is interpreted as feet, while the number to the right is interpreted as inches. As a result, if the decimal value is greater that 0.11, it is not able to be processed by the system and results in the "Measurements not available" message being displayed instead.

For example, if you had a dimension of 10.5, it would be interpreted and displayed as "10 ft, 5 in". If it was 10.49 however, it would be interpreted as "10 ft, 49 in", which the system cannot display without causing confusion, and so displays "Measurements not available".

In addition to the decimal format detailed above, you can also use the x'y" format, where x is feet, and y is inches.