By default, whenever a client interacts with their client portal, you are sent an email notification. Follow these steps to manage your notification settings for you client base.

1. Navigate to your settings in Matrix, either by clicking My Matrix -> Summary -> Settings, or clicking "Hello, Agent" in the top right corner, and then settings.

2. In settings, click on Portal Notification Settings

3. Check off the corresponding boxes to set how you want your notifications. You can have anything from zero notifications, to every notification turned on.

Text Notification Settings

If you prefer to receive your notifications via text, you can enter in your Mobile Phone Number and Cellular Provider by clicking on the blue "Click here to edit your cellular information" link. 

Note: your cellular plan must allow you to receive MMS (i.e. pictures and video) messages on your device to use this option.

When you are done customizing your settings, make sure you click on the Save button at the bottom of the page.