There is currently a bug regarding the battery levels showing 0% on some Keyboxes. If you can still interact with the box (i.e. open/unshackle it), then this is most likely a false reading. Follow the steps below to update your keybox and remove the bug.

    1. Open the Supra eKEY app and select My Keyboxes.

    2. Select the keybox.

    3. Select Program Keybox.

    4. Toggle the "Timed Access" checkbox (you can reset this later if you want)

    5. Select Program.

    6. Enter your shackle code.

    7. Turn on the keybox by pressing up on the key compartment.

This process will update the software on the keybox and remove the bug. If you followed these steps and are still getting a 0% reading, please contact our nearest service center to arrange a time to have the keybox replaced.