There are many aspects of your account details that can be managed through the SRA Member Portal. Some examples are your contact information or profile picture. To get to your account settings, click on the "My Account" button along the top of the page:

Change Personal Details:

Click on either "View/Change Personal Information" or "Edit" as seen below:

The page that opens will allow you to make various changes to the personal information associated with your account. This is where you can update your phone number, email address, and other similar items. When you are done making your changes, make sure you click on the "Save" button at either the bottom or top right of the page.

To Change Profile Picture:

These aspects of your profile are located at the top of the personal information page:

Clicking on "Upload Profile Picture" will take you to the following screen:

The "Choose File" will open a window where you can navigate to the location of you profile picture on your computer. The recommended resolution is 200x300 pixels. If you need to resize you picture, please see the following article: How to change the resolution of a photo using Microsoft Paint