If you are looking for agent information, you can look it up in Matrix under the Roster tab. Some of the information accessible includes contact information, brokerage, and office street address, among others.

Agent Search
You can search for agents using one or more of the following fields:

Agent Code: This is the unique identifier for an agent, containing either five numerical digits, or a combination of first and last name, depending on when they became a member.

First/Last Name: Use these fields to search by first or last name.

Email: This is for searching by email address.

Office Code: This is the unique identifier for a specific office.

Office Name: Use this to search by brokerage/office name.

NOTE: If you do not know the correct spelling for any field, there is an option in Matrix to use an ASTERISK*

Example: The asterisk command allows us to search for any agent that has a First Name starting with a K and to search any agent with the Last Name ending with an H as seen below.

Results then show a list of agents that have a first name that begins with K and a last name that ends in H: 

Clicking on the Agent ID will open the detailed view of that agent: