Can I download an editable form so that I can continue to edit it from my computer?

No. The new CREA WEBForms® is a paperless online solution. There is not a way to download an editable version of the form. Once the form is downloaded you cannot modify the text, but you can still send it to your e-signature provider.


When a form is automatically updated in my template, will my clauses appear in the updated form?

When a form is updated, a new form is added replacing the old form. Clauses do not migrate over to the new updated form. A message will display when a form has been disabled.


How do I use the new WEBForms® on mobile devices? How do I link my mobile devices?

CREA WEBForms® is responsive in design, which means that it can be used across all devices, including PCs, laptops, tablets, and phones.


How do I link Authentisign to the new CREA WEBForms®?

View the Linking to Authentisign tutorial and video

View Sending CREA Legacy Transaction Kits to Authentisign for more information.

For Authentisign documentation, please view the Help available from Instanet Solutions.


Why are some of the forms different in the new WEBForms®

Any prefilled data within forms that are attached to a template will NOT migrate over and will need to be re-entered. Users will need to verify and update any clauses that had been included within their templates.


How do I create clauses?

Both Clauses and Transaction Templates are now accessed by clicking the Setup icon  in the Sidebar.

View information on Working with clauses.

View information on Creating a personal clause.

View information on Inserting a clause into a form.


Why can’t forms and documents be sent to e-signature provider at the same time

Based on the feedback we have already received; we are currently working on a solution around sending both documents and forms to your e-signature provider at the same time.


How do you create a transaction without an MLS® number?

You can create a transaction without adding an MLS® number. Once you click on Create Transaction, leave the Import Data (Optional) field and MLS® field blank.

Note:  If you select a Board from the Import data drop down, it will not allow you to move on to the next step without adding an MLS® number.


How do you send to an e-signature provider?

You can view the tutorials and videos on:

Sending to Authentisign

Sending to Docusign (and other providers)


How do you create a transaction template?

You can read the tutorial Creating a transaction template and view the video


Form bugs

Please report bugs to and provide the following:

-          Exact name of form

-          Screenshots if possible, of issue

-          Step by step description of bug, the more details you provide the better we can assist you.


How often does MLS® data get pulled?

As of November 30th MLS,® data will be available in real time. This means that there will no longer be a delay in populating your forms with listings details such as address and description. You simply need to select the Board and enter the MLS® Number. Please ensure that you are always selecting the Original Board that is sending the listing to You can verify this information by opening the listing on and scrolling down to the very bottom of the page. Please note that If the listing is no longer displaying on it will not import any data.


Form population errors

Please report all form population issues to and provide the following:

-          Exact name of form

-          Screenshots if possible, of issue

-          Step by step description of bug, the more details you provide the better we can assist you.


Clauses – how to access and use

View the Creating a Clause tutorial and the video

To create a clause:

1.       In the left sidebar menu, click the Setup icon

2.       Click Clauses

3.       Click the Personal Clauses folder

4.       Click Add at the top right of your screen

5.       Click on Add New Clause

6.       Enter a name the clause in the Title field

7.       Enter the text for your clause in the Content field

View the Inserting a Clause tutorial and the video

To insert a clause:

1.       In the form, click inside the text box where you would like to insert the clause

2.       Click the Clause icon at the very top of the form

3.       You can now select one or more categories the three categories of clauses:

Personal Clauses

Office Clauses

System Clauses

4.       Click the folder in which your clause resides to open a list of clauses

5.       Click the circle beside the clause(s) you want to select. The clause(s) is/are added to the basket

6.       Click OK

The clause(s) is now inserted into the form.

Note: For forms with the Add Page icon at the top, please refer to the Adding a page to a form (automatically) tutorial and video


Super User access

·         Brokerage owners have access to Broker Tools by default. If you require super user access, your brokerage owner will need to send that request to and provide the following:
Your complete name
Name and address of office(s) that you require super user access to