In CREA WEBForms®, the transaction is the basis of the entire workflow. Think of a transaction as a file, just like the files you have in your office – it contains information on a client, on a listing, on a sale, a lease or whatever you are working on and organizing. Creating a transaction is the foundation for introducing efficiencies, reducing redundant data entry, sharing, and allowing clients and vendors to participate in using the system.

Transaction creation (or addition to an existing transaction) is the first step anytime you:

·         Make initial contact with a new prospect,

·         Schedule a listing appointment and presentation,

·         Create a listing agreement,

·         Create an offer to purchase or sell,

·         Write a lease listing or offer to lease, and

·         Start a project of any kind.

Creating a transaction allows you to do several things:

·         Import listing data from your MLS® System,

·         Import tax or public record data,

·         Use all the data imported into or manually entered into a transaction to autofill every form added to the transaction;

·         Create a place in your WEBForms® account to store all the contacts, forms, documents and service orders associated with that transaction or event, and

·         Start a brokerage file for a newly listed or sold transaction upon notice from the listing or selling agent.

Implementation / Workflow

When your brokerage is implementing CREA WEBForms®, first decide who is responsible for creating the transaction. Where does the transaction start?

Transaction creation can be assigned to one person/role, or there may be multiple people who can create transactions.  Ideally, one person in the brokerage has the responsibility for ensuring a new transaction is created when a new brokerage file is opened.

Train Your Agents to Create Transactions!

Training agents to create and populate transactions and transactional data will:

·         Help agents save time, be more efficient and more effective.

·         Help your staff save time as they won’t have to create each transaction or enter all the property, personal, and transactional information.