If you are a broker, or administrative staff, or otherwise want to keep tabs on when your office creates new listings, follow these steps to set up Auto-Emails for new listings in your office.

  1. First you must navigate to the Cross Property search page as seen below
  2. After you are on the search page, click on the Additional Fields "Add" link
  3. On the next page, locate "My Office Listings" from the options on the left, and click add, and then back on the bottom
  4. Ensure the new "My Office Listings" checkbox is checked
  5. Click on the "Results", either along the bottom or top right of the screen
  6. Once on the results page, click on Save, and then New Auto Email
  7. Set yourself as the contact. If you do not have yourself as a contact, you can create a new contact with your email address by using the corresponding link.
  8. Set how frequently you would like to receive the emails and click save

You are now set up to have all new listings in your office emailed to you.