Since Matrix uses a standard of 1600 x 1200 pixels for photos, it will automatically scale photos to this size. However, sometimes very high resolution photos can overwhelm the scaling process and cause problems. To solve this problem, you can resize your pictures in Microsoft Paint, which is included as a base program in windows.

Once you have Paint open, you can follow the steps below to resize your photo.

  1. Click on File in the top left corner of the window.
  2. Click on Open.
  3. Navigate to, and select your photo and click Open again.
  4. The current resolution will be displayed along the bottom of the window
  5. Click on Resize
  6. On the new window that opens up, change Percentage  to Pixels, uncheck Maintain Aspect Ratio, and enter 1600 into the horizontal field, and 1200 into the vertical field and click OK.
  7. You can see the new resolution along the bottom of the window
  8.  Click File and then Save As, select JPEG, and then name and save the adjusted photo.

Your photo is now ready to be uploaded to Matrix.