Grabbing a screenshot and making a note or highlighting an area of it on Windows 10 is incredibly easy and quick, here's a quick walkthrough of the steps:

  1. Open whatever it is you want to capture so it's visible on your monitor (in this case I'll use this article I'm writing for content)
  2. press the Windows Key + the Shift Key + the Letter S 
  3. your screen will dim and at the top you will see options for the type of selection you want to make, the default is the rectangle which is what I typically use.
    1. Click at the corner of the (appears dimmed) content you want to capture and while holding down your mouse button drag out the selection rectangle until you've framed in what you want to select (the selected are will brighten to normal levels)
  4. when you release the mouse the image is automatically placed in the system clipboard
  5. If you don't need to edit it you can simply paste it into the program you need it within by opening the program and pressing CTRL + V 
  6. If you need to edit you will see a notification pop up in the bottom right that says to click here to edit the image, if you miss the notification you can click the notification icon by the clock in the systems tray at the bottom right.
  7. When you click into the mark up option then you will see the image and a few tools along the top
  8. You can see in the previous example that I've circled in yellow the button to save the image after you've made your markups, or as I often do you can click the copy to clipboard icon which is circled in yellow and go paste it with CTRL + V where you need it.

Here is a quick video on this to demo how easy this is.