If you recently got a new phone or had to reset your phone, your eKEY app will need to be reauthorized.

To get an Authorization Code for your eKEY, you can contact:
  • Sask MLS Support at (306) 791-3772 or support@saskmls.ca
  • Supra KIMvoice at 1 (888) 968-4032
You may also get an Authorization Code through SupraWEB.

1. Log onto the SupraWEB from the Portal.

2. If this is the first time logging into SupraWEB, you'll need to enter the association, your serial number of your eKEY and your PIN code.

3. On the left side of the screen click Authorization Code
Click on "Activate eKey App" then click on "Already have an authorization code?" 

Enter the authorization code into the two boxes highlighted below. And click on the two circles agreeing to the terms.