If you are unable to log into Matrix/Single-Sign on Portal because of any reasons below, you'll need to clear your browser data to resolve the issue.
  • A repeat of the same Clarity error.
  • Stuck on the Clarity loading page.
  • Entering username and password doesn't do anything.
For assistance in clearing your browser data, please see our Clear Browser Dataarticle.
If you get an Attack Lock Activated message, that means your account is temporarily disabled for one minute. This is caused by entering the wrong login credentials too many times.

This can be resolved by either:
  • Wait for 1 minute from the last login attempt AND providing valid login credentials.
  • Contact Sask MLS Support to manually remove the Attack Lock.

If you have forgotten your password, click the I forgot my password link below where you'd enter your username and password. This link isn't always visible in some mobile browsers.

In this process, you'll be asked to:
  1. Enter your username and answer 3 security questions.
  2. if you entered the valid information, Matrix will email you a temporary password.
  3. Once logged in using the temporary password, you'll be asked to create a new password.