The Market Watch widget, located on the Matrix homepage, is a quick glimpse at all the changes that are occurring on the Matrix MLS System. The changes are broken down into the individual change types. Clicking on the change type will open up a list of all the listings that have undergone that change.  

At the bottom of the widget are options where you can narrow down your Market Watch based on Property Type, Time Frame, and Search Criteria.

Property Type: You can select any property type (Residential, Commercial, farm, etc.) from the drop-down menu to specify your Market Watch. (Selecting Cross-Property will search all property types)

Time Frame: 24 Hour, 3 Day and 7 Day will show changes made at the selected time up to the current day. Today will show all of the changes made in the current day.

Customize: Clicking on Customize will take you to the Search Criteria page where you can specify your Locations, Neighbourhoods, or any other searchable fields for your Market Watch. For more help on using the Search Criteria page, please see our How to search article.