The Hot Sheets widget, located on the Matrix homepage, is similar to the Market Watch widget.

Hot Sheets provide information about recent market activity in your chosen market areas. But unlike Market Watch, you can have a total of 10 different hot sheet formats.

At the bottom of the widget are options where you can Customize and set the Timeframe of your Hot Sheets.


  • 24 Hour3 Day and 7 Day will show changes made at the selected time up to the current day.
  • Today will show all of the changes made in the current day.
  • New Only will only display listings that have changed since the last time the sheet was clicked on.
  • This Session will only show listings that have changed while you've been logged in.
  • Selecting Custom will open a separate window when clicking on a Hot Sheet. The window will allow you to specify how far back your Hot Sheets can go (Up to 30 days).


Customize allows you to manage and edit existing Hot Sheets, as well as create new ones.

  • Move up and Move Down allows you to reorder you Hot Sheet list.
  • Add will create a new Hot Sheet to your list (To set up a new Hot Sheet, please see step below).
  • Rename allows you to change the name of an existing Hot Sheet.
  • Edit Criteria allows you to change the search criteria of an existing Hot Sheet.
  • Reset Criteria will reset the search criteria of Hot Sheet.
  • Restore System Defaults will remove any changes you've made and bring back the default Hot Sheets list.

Setting up a new Hot Sheet

1. To set up a new Hot Sheet, you'll need to add a Hot Sheet to your list; then you'll want to edit the search criteria of the newly added Hot Sheet.

To add a Hot Sheet, you'll need to go to Customize and then click Add.

Clicking Add will open a window where you can select any property type (Residential, Commercial, farm, etc.) from the drop-down menu (Selecting Cross-Property will search all property types) and name your Hot Sheet however you like.

2. Now that you've created a new Hot Sheet with a name and given it a property type, you'll need to tailor it's search criteria to your needs.

To do this, you'll need to go to Customize, click on your Hot Sheet's name to highlight it, then hit Edit Criteria.

Clicking on Customize will take you to the Search Criteria page where you can specify your Locations, Neighbourhoods, or any other searchable fields for your Hot Sheet. The only difference is now there is a new field where you can specify what Change Type appears in your Hot Sheet, instead of the status. To select multiple change types, simply hold the CTRL (or Command if on a Mac) button and click on the options to select/deselect the ones your want.

Once you've tailored your search criteria to your needs, clicking Save will save your search criteria to your Hot Sheet.

3. To use your newly added and customized Hot Sheet, you'll need to go back to the Matrix homepage and click on your Hot Sheet name on the Hot Sheet Widget. (Note: be mindful of what the timeframe selected)

For more help on using the Search Criteria page, please see our How to search article.