You may easily save any search you run on Matrix. At any time after saving a search, you may run the full search, run a timestamped search, or revise the criteria. You may also assign the search to one of your Contacts.

Setting up a Saved Search

1. Once you've tailored your Criteria to get the results you want, to save it, you'll need to go to the Results Tab. At the bottom of the page, you'll need to click Save and then click on New Saved Search.

2. You'll be asked to name your Saved Search and have the option to assign the search to an existing or new contact and add this Saved Search to your Matrix homepage.

Once you've named your Saved Search, click the Save button.

Accessing your Saved Search

One way to view your Saved Searches is through the My Favorite Searches widget on your Matrix homepage. Only Saved Searches that have Enabled as Favorite Search on Home tab will show up on this widget.

Clicking the names will do a run of the Saved Search, and clicking Manage will let you modify your Saved Search.

To view all your Saved Searches, you'll need to go hover over My Matrix and click on Saved Searches.

This page will display all your Saved Searches. Clicking the names will present several options.

  • Settings will allow you to change the Name, Contact, as well to enable it as a favourite for your Saved Search Widget.
  • Criteria will let you make changes to your Saved Search Criteria.
  • Results will run a search and retrieve all matching listings.
  • Date Since will display all new or changed listings that match your criteria since the last time you ran the search. This will update the time stamp to the date and time that you clicked "Date Since."
  • Market Update will display either the updated listings since the last run or by specifying a specific date range.
  • Delete will delete your saved search.