To begin your search, hovering over (or clicking) the search tab will present what Property Type to search in. (Selecting Cross-Property will search for all property types)
Clicking the property type will take you to the Search Criteria, where you'll be able to narrow down and specify your search.

The Criteria page will present many optional fields to narrow down your search, but the ones that are consistent are Status, Area, Price and Additional Fields.

If you are unsure how a search field works, hover over or click the gray question mark icon . It will explain how the field works.

Status - Date or Range

The search Status represents the status of the property that you are searching.
To search for a Status at a specific period, you can type in the date (or date range) by using the following:
  • MM/DD/YYYY For a specific day
  • MM/DD/YYYY+ Specify a date and anything after
  • MM/DD/YYYY- Specify a date and anything before
  • MM/DD/YYYY-MM/DD/YYYY Search between two dates.
  • You can select your date(s) on a calendar by clicking the blue calendar icon.


Depending if you want to be specific or vague in your search, you are given several options to search for properties in an Area.
  • Clicking on Map Search will take you to the map tab where you can draw what parts of the map to include in your search. For more information on doing a Map search, please see the video above or our How to use the Map Search article.
  • You can search for properties with a specific Street Name. Clicking more will let you add multiple street names.
  • You can search for Locations like Saskatoon, Regina, Prince Albert, etc. and the Neighbourhoods in those cities.


You can use the price field to search properties with a specific amount, a range or use the + or - to indicate greater than or less than values. Do not include commas in your criteria.

  • 300 will search prices with exactly $300 000
  • 300+ will search for $300 000 or greater
  • 300- will search for $300 000 or less
  • 200-300 will search between the range of $200 000 and $300 000

Additional Fields

If you'd like to include search fields that aren't currently in the search criteria, the Additional Fields will allow you to add any fields that were available for input.

You can find Additional Fields at the bottom of the page, and click Add to access the list of available fields.

You can scroll through or search the list of the Available Fields. Once you've found a field you'd like to use, highlight the field by clicking on the name, then click Add. To remove a field, under the Selected Fields, highlight the field you'd like to remove and click Remove.

Once your happy with what's in your Selected fields, you can click Back and your newly added fields will appear at the bottom of your search criteria.

To view the results of your search criteria, click on Results located near the bottom of the page.
  • Clear erases all search fields, making the fields blank.
  • Matches shows you how much results you have given your criteria at the time.
  • Map will show you all your search results on a map.
  • Results will bring you to a Single Line Display of all your properties that match with your criteria.