The Map Search allows you to find properties based on their pin location and use tools to specify your search based on map location.

The Map Search Feature works in conjunction with the Search Criteria, and you can find the Map Search by clicking the Map tab, or clicking the "Map Search" link.

Jump to Address

Rather than dragging around the map and having to zoom and out to find your location, the Jump to Address field offers two options to navigate to your desired location on the map quickly.

  • 1. Click on the "Jump to Address" field and type a Street address/city. The map will zoom in on the location.
  • 2. Click on the drop-down arrow will show you all the major cities. Clicking on them will zoom on its location.
Draw your Search Areas
You can specify the parts of the map you'd like to search using the drawing tools.
  • Draw Radius: Click in the centre of the search area and drag your mouse in any direction to expand the size of the circle. When your circle is the desired size, click your mouse again to set it.
  • Draw Rectangle: Click on the map where you'd like to place the corner of your rectangle. Drag your mouse to change the height and width of your rectangle, then click your mouse again to set it.
  • Draw Polygon: Click on the map to create the corner of your shape. Continue clicking on the map to outline your search area, and you will see it begin to fill in. When you are done filling in your shape, make sure to click on the original corner to close the shape.

  • Draw Freehand: Click on the map to create the start of your shape. Drag the mouse to draw whatever shape you desire. When you are done drawing your shape, make sure to end on the original start point to close the shape.
  • Clear All Shapes: This button will clear all your shapes on the map.

  • Hovering over the red dot of a shape lets you delete the shape, or have the shape exclude the area from your search.