Adding fields as additional columns to your Agent Single Line display will save you the trouble of having to look at every listing individually.

Clicking on the empty space of a column's header will present several options to manage your columns.
  • Pixel Width: You can enter precisely how wide your column can be in pixels.
  • Alignment: Shifts the text either Left, Right or Center of the column.
  • Remove Column: This will remove the column you have currently selected.
  • Insert Column: This will add a new column to the right.
  • Wrap Line: If the text is getting cut off because the column width being too small, rather than increasing the width, Wrap Line will let any text that would get cut off appear in the next line below.

Setting up a new column

1. Click on the empty space of the column's header, then click Insert Column. A list of available fields will appear below.
2. Find your desired field by either scrolling through the list or using the search box.
3. Once you found the field, click on the name to highlight it, then click Appy.

Setting Your Single Line Display as Default

Unfortunately, any changes you do on your Agent Single Line display will only remain up until you log out of Matrix. There are two ways to save the changes you've made to your Agent Single Line display.

Set current display as default

This option allows you to set your current display to the default display. This is great if you always want a set of certain columns in your Results Tab.

1. On the top-right hand corner, click on the gear wheel
2. Click on the first option to set your current display as your default display. The option below will reset your default display.

Save current display as a new Single Line display

This will allow you to have multiple Agent Single Line displays with custom displays. This is great if find yourself using a group of columns often.

1. On the top-right hand corner, click on the notepad with a pencil icon
2. Name your Agent Single Line display, then click on Save As A Copy.
3. The newly create Agent Single Line will be in the Display dropdown list. Any custom display will have my: before its name.

To manage a custom Single Line display, make sure you are currently on the display you want to edit and click the notepad with a pencil icon
  • Save Changes: Saves any change you made in the current display.
  • Save As a Copy: This will make a new Single Line display rather change the existing one.
  • Revert unsaved changes: This will remove any unsaved changes made to the current display
  • Delete: This will delete your custom Single Line display