1. You'll need to create a search to start an auto email. If you need help creating a search, see our How to Search article.
Please note: An auto email can only have a maximum of 200 search results. 

2. Once you are happy with your search criteria, go to the Results tab and at the bottom of the page, click Save then click on New Auto Email.

3. Assign a contact to your Auto Email by using the drop-down menu, or click the Create a New Contact.

4. Create the Subject line for your Auto Emails. You have the option to edit the Welcome Email message and the Recurring Email message.

If you made any change to your messages, the gear button lets you set the current message as the default Welcome/Recurring email message anytime you create a new Auto Emails.

5. Settings lets you enable or disable several settings

  • Concierge Mode: This mode allows you to approve or reject the listings to be sent your client. By using Concierge Mode, you are creating an extra step for sending out Auto Emails. For more information, please see our Concierge Mode article.
  • Reverse Prospecting: Allows listing agents to see which buyer’s agents have sent their listing to clients. The listing agent would only see the buyer’s agent’s contact information, not the client’s information. For more information, please see our Reverse Prospect article.
  • Favourite Search: The search criteria of your Auto Emails will appear as a saved search in your My Favorite Search Widget.
6. Schedule allows you to manage how often your Auto Emails gets sent out.

  • ASAP is excellent if you have client has specific search criteria, they have a strong sense of what kind of home they want and is ready to buy.
  • Daily and Monthly are great if your client's search criteria are broad, they are not sure what they want and are wanting to take time buying.
7. To finish setting up your Auto Email, hit the save  button at the bottom.

8. Your client will receive your Welcome email with a link. The client must click the link to activate the Auto Email. If the link isn't clicked within 30 days, the Auto Email will be disabled.

For information on managing your Auto Email, please see Managing Auto Emails article.