To manage your Auto Emails, hover over My Matrix and click Auto Emails.

This page will display all your Auto Emails. 

Auto Email Status: Once an Auto-email is set up, the email will be sent to your client. The status of your Auto-Email will be one of the following:


  • 1. Auto Email is Active, but the Contact has not yet logged in and activated their portal or that search specifically.

  • 2. Auto Email is Active and has been accessed by the Client.
  • 3. Client or agent disable auto Email.

To show your options to manage the Auto Email, click arrow button or the name of the Auto Email.

  • Settings: Lets you change the Contact, Subject line, Recurring Email message and the Schedule of your Auto Email.
  • Criteria: You can change the search criteria of your Auto Email.
  • Results: Retrieves all matching listings into a list. There will be an extra column to show when the listings were emailed, and if it was marked commented by your clients.
  • Date Since: Display all new or changed listings that match your criteria since the last time you ran the search. This will update the time stamp to the date and time that you clicked "Date Since."
  • Market Update: Display either the updated listings since the last run or by specifying a specific date range.
  • Open in Portal: Opens a new window to your clients portal.
  • Resend Welcome: Resends your client the Welcome email. This option only appears during the pre-active status
  • Delete Auto Email: Delete the Auto Email.

Sent Email: Clicking the arrow button will show you all the Auto Email's that were sent out. You can see the time sent, the contents of what was sent, as well as when your client viewed the email.