Matrix features a contact manager that can be used to store names and contact information as well to track activity with the contact within the Matrix system.

To access the contact manager hover over the My Matrix tab and click on the Contacts menu option.

This page will display all your contacts in a list.
  • Auto Email: The number of Active Auto Emails your client has.
  • Saved Search: The number of Saved Search assigned to your client.
  • My Last Use: Display the date the agent last changed the client's information.
  • Last Portal Visit: Display's the date the client last accessed his/her portal.
  •  The number of listings in the client's cart.
  •  The number of notes the client has made about listings that the agent has             not yet read.
  •  The number of listings a client has marked as 'Favorite'.
  •  The number of listings a client has marked as 'Possible'.
  •  The number of listings a client has marked as 'Discard;
  • Ref#: Used for reverse prospecting.
Clicking on any of the numbers highlighted blue will give you a list of all the listings that were marked with Cart, Notes, Favorite, Possible and Discard.

Clicking on the client's name will bring up that contact's Details Page

This page includes a lot of information, including the contact's recent activity, lists of all email communications sent (both Auto-Emails and Direct), in addition to other information.

Creating a Contact: To create a contact, on the contacts screen, click the Add button located in the top right corner.

This will open the Add Contact screen. Enter the contact's information and click save to add the contact to your contact list. The fields highlighted yellow are mandatory, while white is optional.

For Advanced Users:

The arrow next to the Add button will allow you to upload contacts with a .csv file