Concierge Mode allows for complete control over the listings that are sent to your clients. Listings will need to be approved or rejected before being sent to your client.

To enable Concierge Mode in a new or existing Auto Email, go to the settings and enable Concierge Mode.

After saving with Concierge enabled, you will be taken to the Concierge Approvals page to approve and reject listings for the initial Auto Email. When your Auto Email finds additional listings that match your criteria, you will see a notification in the Concierge Widget on the Home tab and at the top of most pages of Matrix.

Clicking either the Concierge Alert Banner or the Concierge Widget on the homepage will take you to the Concierge Approval Page.

You have the option to quickly Approve All your listings if none of the listings are checked off. Otherwise, check off one or more listings to either approve or reject the selected listing. Approved listings will immediately be sent to your client.

You can view and manage all your listings that are pending, approved or rejected under Auto Emails in My Matrix.
  • Unsent: Pending list of listings that need to be either approved or rejected.
  • Rejected: Listings that were rejected. You have the option to approve previously rejected listings.
  • Sent: Listings that were approved and sent to your client.