Finding the option to map your listing

You can map your listing during or after submitting your listing.

While Inputting a Listing

1. If you are in the processes of inputting your listing, you can find the Mapping fields under the Contract-Sale Tab.

2. On the bottom right corner of the page, click on Update Map.

After a Listing Has Been Submitted

1. If you've already submitted your listing and it is active, you can update your map by going to the Input tab.

2. Select the listing you want by either using the drop-down menu or entering the MLS number and clicking Edit.
3. Underneath the Select Form header, click on Change Mapping and Comments.

4. Click on Update Maps.

Navigating the map

The map will auto-populate with the address you've already inputted and will do its best to suggest the location of your property. But sometimes, it won't recommend the correct location will have to use the several tools to navigate the map.
  • Jump To: This a drop-down menu of all the major cities in Saskatchewan. Selecting any of the cities will jump to that location.
  • Locate Address: You may use any combination of Street Address, City, Province, and Postal Code to help locate your property. Hitting the Locate button will make the map jump to that address.

Pinning your location

To place your pin, you'll need to click on the Place new pin button and click anywhere on the map to place your pin. You can use the Satellite option to get a more accurate image of your property to help you pin it.

Once you are happy with the pin placement, click Done.

Using Latitude and Longitude

Follow the steps below if you prefer using Latitude and Longitude to pin your map. See this article for how to obtain Latitude and Longitude: How to find latitude and longitude

1. Input your Latitude and Longitude in the field below.
2. Once inputted, you'll need to click on Update Map.
3. The map will have a pin already placed based on the Latitude and Longitude. For the pin placement to save, you'll need to either slightly move the existing blue pin (by dragging it) or place a new pin close to the existing pin. Once you moved or placed a new pin, click Done.
4. If you've done the previous step correctly, your Latitude and Longitude fields won't be empty after you've clicked Done.