The best way to input a street address and to avoid any errors is to use the Auto-Fill from Street Dictionary link below Street Name.

A window will open that will let you search for a Street Address in the Street Dictionary.

You can search for just the Street name, or add the Street Suffix ( Crescent, drive, road, etc.) and Street Direction to narrow down your search. Click the Fill button to auto-populate the fields for you.

If the Street Name isn't in our Street Dictionary, please contact with the Street name, where it is located and a legal description of a property on that street. Once we've quickly verified the Street name, we'll add it to our Street Dictionary.

If the listing property doesn't have a Street Name/Address, please see our How to use Rural Address and Lake Address article.

If you are still receiving errors after inputting the address correctly, your browser may be experiencing a caching issue. Please try the following:
  • Exit out of editing/inputting your listing (Make sure your listing is Saved as Incomplete), log out of Matrix, and close your browser
  • Clear your browser cache.
  • Contact Sask MLS support at or 306-791-3772 for further assistance.