If your listing property doesn't have a Street Name, you must use Rural Address or Lake Address as a Street Name.

When using Rural Address or Lake Address, only two fields will be filled. Street Name and Property Name field.
This example uses the "Rural Address" option, however input process is the same for "Lake Address".

1) To input either Rural Address or Lake Address please click on Auto-Fill From Street Dictionary. Refer to the screen shot below.
2) After clicking on "Auto-Fill from Street Dictionary a pop-up search will appear. Search for either "Rural" or "Lake" and either Rural Address or Lake Address will appear.
Then click Fill.
3) This will populate "Street Name" with Rural Address.

4) Double check and ensure that Unit#, Building Number Low, Building Number, Street Dir Prefix, Street Type and Street Dir Suffix are empty. If these field are not empty you will not be able to submit and will encounter an error. 

5) Then enter the property description on the property name box.

If you are still receiving errors after inputting Rural Address and Lake Address correctly, your browser may be experiencing a caching issue on your browser. Please try the following:
  • Exit out of inputting your listing (Make sure your listing is Saved as Incomplete), log out of Matrix, close your browser and log back in again.
  • Clear your browser cache.