The Carts in Matrix are a way of collecting, storing, sorting and watching listings of interest. Carts are used as a temporary storage location for listings.

There are two types of Carts:
  • Cross Property Carts: Carts containing listings added from searches but not for a specific client.
  • Client Carts: Carts that are unique to each contact in the contact list. Client Carts do not automatically email or notify contacts.

Adding Listings to the Cart

1. Select the listing(s) to be added to the cart.

2. Click the Carts menu below the search results.
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3. Select the Cart from the drop‐down box.
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4. Click “Add to” to add the listings to the Cart.
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Note:  When adding a listing to a Cart, the number beside the Cart's name will go up unless the listing already exists in the Cart.

Viewing the Carts

There are several ways the carts can be accessed to see the listings in them:

My Carts Widget: On the home page of Matrix there is a My Carts widget, click on the Cart to see the listings.
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Note: This widget only shows recently used Carts.

My Contacts: You are also able to access the cart from a specific Contact.
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