Step 1 : Verify you have the correct ISC login credentials by going to the main ISC website and testing if you are able to log in. If you were able to log in proceeded to the next step if not please contact ISC to obtain the correct login credentials.
Step 2 : Login to the Portal and click on the gear icon as seen below (highlighted in red)
Step 3 : Upon clicking on the gear icon you will notice that the application box will turn grey and a Edit Config button will appear below the ISC icon located in the applications box. Click on the Edit Config button (seen highlighted in red below)
Step 4 : Upon clicking on the Edit Config button a modal box will appear in your screen displaying username, password and client number. Now empty all the boxes and enter the verified login credentials and click on Save & Sumit button (as seen highlighted in red below).
Step 5 : Now log out of the portal, log back in and test the ISC app.