When you need to update your email address with the Saskatchewan REALTORS® Association and with CREA it's as easy as visiting the SRA Member Portal at mlssask.ca and taking a few quick steps. Following these steps updates your email address directly into our Association Management system, within a few minutes this data will flow through to Matrix™ and through on to CREA's Member Management System and for Realtor.ca

  1. Visit MLSSask.ca in your web browser 
  2. Click on "My Account" link in the top bar of the SRA Member Portal
  3. Click on "Edit" or "View/Change Personal Information" Link on the page that opened up. 
  4. Currently you will see two different email fields "Association Email" and "Billing Email"
    • Association email is the email address that will flow through to Matrix and CREA
    • Billing email is currently not used as we currently have a brokerage billing model but should there ever be a shift to direct billing this email is where your invoices and reminders will be sent. Best practice would be to ensure that a valid email address is kept in this box whether it is the same or different doesn't matter
  5. Make any additional updates then click "Save"

Please Note: 

In Matrix the above steps updates the Public Email Address but does not change any of the Matrix™ My Information customized contact fields found on the Information (if Override is checked), Header and Footer, CMA Coversheet, Email Signature or Portal Profile Tabs (see image below)

Additionally you will want to refresh any active listings you have to update your contact information currently flattened into the listings details, to do this use the input tab of Matrix to edit your listing, on the data input form go to the Data 1 tab and simply press the refresh button beside the List Agent ID field and then click Submit Listing.